[Strategy market] Joshua's meltplot 3

This strategy is based on Joshua’s discovery of the value of meltplot.

This strategy is aimed at recognizing a good design

+3 if meltplot is flat between temperature 37 to 47 degree

+1 if meltplot is flat between temperature 47 and 57 degree

+0,5 if meltplot is flat between temperature 57 and 67 degree

No more than a 55 % rise of curve after flat beginning line, -1 pr each % more rise

But all this only if the over all rise of the line is higher than 18 % from temperature 37 to 97 degree. (See Market strategy Joshuas meltplot 2)

See my article for further explantion of meltplot

Hi Eli,

It seems like all 3 Joshua’s meltplot strategies are related to the shape of meltpoint curve - what do you think of creating 1 strategy that encompasses all 3 of them? Do you think that could work well?

Let us know.

EteRNA team

Hi Jee!

You are right. All tree strategies are related. I was unsure about making it one.

There could be problems if doing so. I think it will be easier to ajust each part of the strategy, if seperated. It will also be a long code if all tree are put together.

I’m also more certain, I can spot and identify the problemarea, if problems comes up, when the strategies are split.

If you want to put strategies together, I think the best solution is to put Joshua’s meltplot 1 (about cub scouts) and Joshua’s meltplot 2 (about christmas trees) together. As those two are sort of opposed to each other. The third strategy I rather have seperate, as I’m not as sure about it as the other two. I would like to see how it does seperately.

Hope this helped