[Strategy Market] Simplified Berex Test

Melting Point should be between 97 and 107
Free Energy should be between -30 and -60

Penalize RNAs if they don’t satisfy these conditions

Length : Your strategy was implmented with 30 line of code.

Ordering : We ran your strategy on all synthesized designs and ordered them based on predicted scores. The correlation of your strategy’s ordering with the ordering based on the actual scores was 0.141631130064. (1.0 is the best score, -1.0 is the worst score. A completely random prediction would have 0 correlation)

Please note that the numbers specified above will change in future as we’ll rerun your algorithm whenever new synthesis data is available.

More detailed result has been posted on the strategy market page. Thank you for sharing your idea, and we look forward to other brilliant strategies from you!

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