[ Strategy Market ] Stem Structure

Hope you still receiving submissions for this. used this strategy for building in puzzles and have had a LOT of luck in solving them with this method, so Im curious how it stacks up.

Bond Pairs at end of Stems: GC or CG
Next Two Bond Pairs at each stem end AU or UA (If stem has less than 7 pairs, then its all AU or UA between the end GC or CG)
Remainder of Stem with AU, UA, UG, or GU, with no pair more than 3 times in a row. (AU and UA, UG and GU seen as same pair for this purpose)

I envision the scoring to go as follows:

Start total points = total number of bond pairs in stems

For every stem end not containing GC or CG -1 point
For every GC or CG not at stem end -1 point
For every bond pair up to two away from stem end not AU or UA -1 point (adjusted for fact you wont get the 4 pairs of AU/UA in if the stem lenght is less than 6)
-1 for every consecutive bond pairs above 3 in stem

Score = poins/total bond pairs

Nice job. Keep them coming.