[Strategy Market] [Switch] Entropy in static area in partial switch


For partial switches:
Give 2+ if the non switching area has below 0.7 in entropy
Give 1+ if the non switching area has 0.8-0.9 in entropy
Give -1 and penalize exponentially, the higher the entropy gets above 1 in the supposed to be static area.

Penalize more if there is raised entropy over a lot of the static bases, compared to just a few.


I hope the switching area can somehow be discerned beforehand from the puzzle structure. As this will be useful in identifying bad designs beforehand. If a switch has higher entropy in the static parts of the of the switch, then it is likely not going to work. Unless in the rare case where it is taking part of the switch in a good way.

Switches and uneven entropy distribution

I have been complaining about Vienna’s uneven energy distribution in the static labs - which it did have. It really looks like I should also have also been complaining about its high and uneven entropy distribution. However this is exactly what is wanted for switches. :slight_smile:

Entropy Characteristics of a switch

What generally characterizes switches is uneven entropy distribution to a degree that is much higher in a normal static lab.

Whole stem sections have differences in entropy when viewed compared to each other. This is unusual for static designs, and I think it may help us determine a switch from a static design. And if a switch is actually switching where we want it.

Most static labs has an entropy below 0.9. Which leaves the range of difference at max 0.9 in entropy between different areas of the design.

One can solve a static design with even energy distribution and low entropy. But not with wildly uneven energy distribution and high entropy.

One can solve a switch with even energy distribution, uneven entropy and higher entropy.


Static winner, Cyborg 2.0, (100%) Only have minor entropy differences in overall entropy between stems. Entropy range 0 to 0.3


Static winner, entropy range 1.4, salish_ss1_r3_093 (94%)


Background articles

Entropy Slide


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Dear Eli Fisker,
Your strategy has been added to our implementation queue and we should have it completed within the next two to three weeks. You can check the status of the implementation here.

We will also be uploading the code used to write your strategy on this page if you are interested in reading it later.

After implementing your idea, we will post the direct link to the code here. Then, we will then optimize the parameters, and test it. At that point, we will tell you the correlation of how good your strategy was and what the new optimized parameters are.

Thanks for sharing your idea!

Vineet Kosaraju
The EteRNA Team

Dear Eli Fisker,

I am pleased to announce that a preliminary version of your strategy has been implemented with 39 lines of code. The code might slightly change in the future to remove bugs, but you can check the current version here. We will soon work on optimizing your parameters and testing the strategy.

Thank you again for sharing your switch strategy!

Vineet Kosaraju
The EteRNA Team