[Strategy Market] [Switch] Kcal difference between states with similar size inputs

This is a strategy that goes for logic gate labs (state 2 and 3) or labs that have two states where the only difference is a shift of two inputs and the inputs are of similar length.

Designs with static stem and lane sharing are excluded as they behave differently. They allow far more extreme kcal difference between states.

When the switch reporter is something else than MS2 and the size of the design or the inputs change, I will expect a change in kcal difference too. But while the cut off points should vary between labs, I expect the main pattern to continue to exist - that kcal difference between two states with such kind of change, can get too small or too big.

0 kcal - equal energy - give 0 points

0<1 kcal - give 1 point

1<5 kcal - give 3 points

5<6.5 kcal - give 1 point

For kcal differences above that start to penalize exponentially

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