Supercomputer Level 1 Issues

This level is not working. If I manage to get the right side to bond, then put like a red on the left thing (or in the screenshots case, fill the thing with reds and greens,) the map thing in the top left highlights sections in purple. Then if I try to go to natural view I get this error. If I undo until its no longer highlighted in purple in the map thing, go into natural view, then change the color of one of one of the pieces that cause the error, the game freezes. Also, if I refresh the page, then the changes I made will do different things that it didn’t to before I refreshed the page. For example, the second screenshot is something that didn’t work to bond the right side before I refreshed, but it worked after I refreshed. I included screenshots of the error, and an example of the process to crash the game. 
![]( 1 inline.png?1541176708 “Image httpsd2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnets3_images1760256RackMultipart20181102-122272-5inx0b-Screenshot__1__inlinepng1541176708”) ![]( 2 inline.png?1541177319) ![]( 3 inline.png?1541177377) ![]( 4 inline.png?1541177543 “Image httpsd2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnets3_images1760261RackMultipart20181102-34198-1y2csp6-Screenshot__4__inlinepng1541177543”) ![]( 5 inline.png?1541177651)

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Yeah this is definitely broken… I’ll have to look into what’s causing this

Thank you

Looked through the code related to where I see this failing, and not immediately seeing where the issue is. Aiming to dig further into this later this week or early next week

I’ve made a modification to the puzzle (changed the folding engine from Vienna to Nupack for anyone interested) to allow it to be playable until I get the source bug fixed.

After too many hours arguing with C++ segfaults that didn’t make sense, this has been fixed!