Switch Enhancement Request for Better Visualization and Temporary Markers

Doc with ideas for enhancing visualization for EteRNA Switch puzzles and a ‘Temp-Marker’ for NT’s in all puzzle types.



I like both concepts: (1) the sudoku-like marking of alternatives and (2) the linear marking of dependencies


I agree with Jandersonlee.

nice one

Here is the reference made by stlne to Jandersonlee similar ideas for color-coding NT’s
Color-Coded Hand and Finger and other tricks


we very much need this!


solving logic puzzles becomes much easier with the ability to mark out the possible iterations of the next step. the more complex the puzzle, the greater the need for this. sudoku is a great example. same with other logic / math puzzles. like:

And [almost?] all of these kinds of puzzles offer some kind of option to flag guesses:

And the more complex the puzzle, the larger the quantity of flag options you are offered.

So our flags could be as simple as different colored circles on alt+click of a nucleotide, and let the user make arbitrary but flexible assignments of meaning to them. Jandersonlee’s illustration and first coming up with this is brilliant. And more depth in flagging would also be great - stlnegril has made a beautiful presentation of how to get finer grained detail in the flagging options.

Personally I prefer the finer grain of detail, but if that will take a long time, then a simpler option would be helpful as well in the meantime. Maybe both could be combined, or toggled as flag style options!

The main thing is that if we increase the number of flagging modes, we will be able to perform more complex calculations as to what binds where, particularly as the number of states per switch increases.

Thanks for considering, and thanks everyone for putting this together, it’s a really great idea!

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looking forward to getting this.

This is my all time favorite, when it comes to getting useful switch puzzle tools. I think Stlnegril’s suggestions will not only help us a ton but also enhance our switch solving abilities.

Human + tool enhancement = even meaner switch solving abilities. :slight_smile:

Added a few images from Stlne’s presentation: