[Switch] Puzzle update suggestion.

When viewing [Switch] puzzles in PIP mode, it would be extremely helpful and time saving, if cmd-clicking on a NT highlighted all instances of the same NT in each fold. Otherwise you have to check the number of the first highlighted fold by counting forward and backwards until you note its number and then attempt to find it in the second fold by doing the same backward and forward counting to select it again. This is a waste of time.

Does anyone know when the Switch tutorial puzzles are coming. [Switch] puzzles are the hardest to fathom and work out strategies for. There is an urgent need for such tutorials. Please EteRNA

I absolutely agree with Malcolm on this. Being able to highlight a nucleotide in all shapes at once in PIP mode would be extremely helpful. Because I can’t highlight this way, I mostly solve solve switch puzzles without using PIP mode. I think it will become much more intuitive solving switches once the we can combine both the highlighting tool and the PIP mode.

good good good good good suggestion. Sometimes the nucleotide numbers are hard to read, if they fall on a cusp. Too much work :smiley:

Hi Malcolm

This task is on our issue list at


We’ll try to get the feature in soon.

It’s been 3 months now and still no select NT (cmd-click) working in all states in PIP (picture in picture) mode. It would also be useful if we had a deselect all; perhaps shift-cmd-click.
Yours in anticipation of this improvement.
Does anyone have any idea when the [Switch] Tutorials will become active?
Since I’ve joined, I’ve solved all Challenge puzzles except for 15 [Switch] puzzles. I need as much help as I can get to solve them.

“It would also be useful if we had a deselect all; perhaps shift-cmd-click.”

I like your suggestion very much.