Tattletale report: New spam group


Also, some questionable material reported in a link on this spammer’s profile page http://eterna.stanford.edu/web/player…

We could probably use a “report this page” or “report this comment” button for this sort of thing

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Hi Hogla!

I very much agree with you. This will help us catch and deal with such pages much faster.

Agree. Some pages need to come down that don’t pertain to Eterna.


Hey! I added both the spam issues and report idea to our temp issue tracker in the wiki to await a devs attention (probably at an upcoming dev chat): http://eternawiki.org/wiki/index.php5…

from 2015.10.02 community chat:

legohobbit2002: You should add a flag button to player puzzles [3:09 PM]LFP6: That check might want to be flattened to with all the graphics updates… just a thought [3:09 PM]
LFP6: What kind of flag button? [3:09 PM]
legohobbit2002: when you’re scrolling, you could make it so when you hover over a picture, then it would show a flag button for inappropriate puzzles [3:10 PM]

that group is just plain wrong.