TB lab round 3 sublab A/C INC only has three slots available for designs.

Description is in the title.

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Thanks for calling attention to it, Astromon.  It seems to affect more than just the A/C INC.  We’ll get it fixed.

Ok, all the This is really it puzzles should have an (initial) limit of 200 now.

One more thing to add here. There is a bug in the B/C DEC lab for this round 3. (http://www.eternagame.org/game/puzzle/7254812/) The puzzle asks for a barcode hairpin - which is something that was only relevant for our past static cloud labs. This puzzle ask for the barcode hairpin to be unique and it is tied to the C input - which we for good reasons can’t change. In practice this means it not possible to post solutions to this lab. 

Hey Eli,

Sorry about this–it was definitely a bug! I just removed the “check hairpin” requirement from the B/C DEC lab for this round 3, so the puzzle should now correctly accept solutions without requiring a barcode hairpin. Thanks for reporting the issue.


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Hi Caleb! Awesome, thx for the fix!

I’m sorry to say I have one more to report. There is a bug in the sequence stamper, meaning that all the 3 choices in the lightening choice menu overlap, meaning in some labs one can only pick sequence stamper, in others only mutations.