Testing Eterna3D functionality

This is the place to post your feedback on the features and functions in the new 3D viewer, and ask questions. Instructions are available on the Eterna3D wiki page.

One feature players may want to test is marking bases in 2D so that those bases flash in 3D. This was implemented to make bases easier to find in a large puzzle. Mark bases in 2D using ctrl/cmd+click. In lab puzzles, the Script dropdown may need to be changed to Marker.

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The 3d viewer might benefit from structure dimension options on the 3D window. It could work by introducing several fixed shapes/sizes for the backbone and bases, or by a slider that changes size/width of the backbone or bases.

What do other players think? Do you have trouble seeing the backbone and would like the option to make the backbone thicker? Or should we straight up make the backbone a little thicker.

If it doesn’t interfere with viewing the rest of the molecule, I say thicker is better.