The bindingvalue of the bindings

There is probably a fault in Eterna because the bindings arent correct they must be GC is strongest GU is next strongest and UA is weakest it’s because of the difference of the sum of the electro negativity of the bases
delta electronegativity of GC is 11
delta electronegativity of UA is 3,6
delta electronegativity of GU is 9,1
the smalest is 3,6 eV so UA is the weakest binding

First, I’d like to ask where did you get these numbers?

Other than that, I’m curious as to what makes you think that electro-negativity would be the only, or even an important factor for bindings between nucleobases.

I added the electronegativity of every atom in each nucleotide an substracted the smallest electronegativity from the biggest EN in each base pair: total EN of guanine minus total EN of cytosyne and so on

Well, for one, I don’t believe that electrostatic potentials can simply be summed and/or substracted. And I’m not even considering here group electronegativities and their associated effects like resonance (which should probably more appropriately be referred to as ‘delocalization’), which are present in aromatic molecules, like nucleobases.

Also, you still seem to either ignore (or greatly underestimate) the importance and strength of hydrogen bonds. Any particular reasons for that?

The “lower” the EN of a molecule the more stable the molecule become. If a molecule has a very negative EN value then there is more magnetism between the atoms to keep that molecule together. So to design stabe molecules of RNA to put in a drug the EN value must be as “high” as possible.