The Deeper Order And Connection In RNA Events

Busy weekend for team blubblub. Here is our contribution to this ETERNA quest:

We broke RNA codon triplets into base-2 (binary) chunks and saw something.

All RNA triplet codons which can be formed as a combination of two of these four pure nucleotide RNA codons:

UU UU UU = (00) 00 00 00
CC CC CC = (21) 01 01 01
AA AA AA = (42) 10 10 10
GG GG GG = (63) 11 11 11

This mirrors the same scaled architecture quantum chromo-dynamics (QCD) uses.

If we color each 00 or UU black; each 01 or CC blue; each AA or 10 yellow; and each 11 or GG red; we can introduce a color standard to codon triplets.

(00) 00 = black (light is invisible until it reflects off of matter)
(01) 01 = blue (the faint glow of the proton in a proton reactor)
(02) 10 = yellow
(03) 11 = green (blue + yellow)
(04) 01 00 = red (the base-2 inverse of green)
(05) 01 01 = violet (red plus blue) [remember blue is 01 and red is 0100]
(06) 01 10 = orange (red 01 00 plus yellow 10)
(07) 01 11 = reflective white light (red 10 00 and green: a combination of blue and yellow)

The progression continues and completes itself when a color balance is reached at the six place base-2 level (0-63); a squared system just like QCD.

It turns out that RNA consists of 24 mirror image six place base-2 pairs that cover the color spectrum: blue, yellow, green, red, violet and orange. Each color family has 4 pairs each.

The remaining 16 pairs are divided equally into four black pairs and four white pairs and appear to be central to how everything works; like HOX RNA codons.

The most interesting part is that it is all fractal in nature and exhibits a much deeper order and connection.

Baruch Spinoza once said that ‘the order and connection of ideas is the same as the order and connection of things’.

Events in physics occur the same way Ideas are formed in our head; after all, how we see color is how we see events.

Spinoza got it right.


two quick corrections from team blubblub…

We state:
the 'remaining 16 pairs are divided equally into four black pairs and four white pairs…

That should have been:
‘8 pairs are divided equally into four black pairs and four white pairs’.

Just a clarification…

UU UU UU is the same as (0) UUU
CC CC CC is the same as (21) CCC
AA AA AA is the same as (42) AAA
GG GG GG is the same as (63) GGG

We wanted to show the four pure nucleotides formed from scratch (0) and has the ability to build to (63) with the combination of the four pure nucleotide triplets then forming every other possibility in between.

Come and see our illustrations we created around these ideas. We have it on Google web album. The title is The Architecture of the RNA Molecule.

The URL is:…