The new site design

For general discussion. 

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I would like to see designer names on the puzzle list pages. It inflates my big ego to see my name in print, it allows me to know which ones are going to be easy or hard, and it motivates me to design even more puzzles.

I would like the current lab list have the “how many designs you have left to submit: number ie: 4/20”.
It again motivates me quickly to see what I have to work on and if you change the total number
allowed, I will quickly see that.

Need the #days you have left for design submittal. Once again, a motivational device.  

I like the new site design by the way. Good work and thanks.

Known issue, tracking here:

RE: designs left and time left - they will eventually be on the homepage carousel and within the lab itself. Is that sufficient?

Yes, You said what I was hoping for. Thanks.

I can not get the “NEWS” list. 

It would be nice to open the FORUM in a different tab.

I get the news list now and the Bell thingy now works also.

When you get to the little stuff, the Leaderboard/Total Synthesized might be sorted by points. It
wasn’t in the previous design either. I don’t think I am #2.

Would like ability to edit/delete lab discussion posts 

I’d like to be able to view chat in full screen mode (the link stopped working today)

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you need to enter your eterna account information to access irc