The progress save mechanic needs improvement

I Dl’ed on an Android phone and played through the first two challenges towards lab access - then thought to register to ensure my progress was saved. Sure enough, it was not and asked me to start from scratch. This kind of event has a demoralizing effect on new players, if we can’t even be sure we won’t have to start from scratch in a lengthy tutorial every time we set it down. Seems like you could lose some strong potential talent with the unreliable save aspect on the technical front. At the very least perhaps allow tutorial levels to be skipped as a bandaid. Cheers.

This is definitely a bug - it’s supposed to be set up in a way that allows you to retain your progress. Could you let me know what version of Android you’re using? Thanks.

Android 10, Galaxy Note 9

This was a fresh install going directly to the tutorials played through Gene Synthesizer level 6, - went back to home screen, registered, closed program and restarted device - and progress was gone.

Unless you have played again since you’ve reported this, your account does show that you’ve completed through Gene Synthesizer level 6:

Maybe when you re-opened the app, you weren’t properly logged in?

We’ve just recently revisited this. It looks like it was due to a combination of a couple particularly tricky issues that only showed themselves in certain situations. The first part affected our website, and a fix has been released. The other part was specific to the app, and we’re sending a new build to the app stores for approval now! Thanks for the report, and apologies for the issues here!