the review button has evaporated

Once one completes a puzzle and bubbles appear, eterna had been providing the ability to “review” one’s solution, including access to work backwards by keeping the undo stack open and available.  The review button has now disappeared.  Absent that button, the only way to review one’s work and alternate solutions is to hit the back button in the browser and then re-enter the puzzle, clearing and losing the undo stack. 

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I am now told this is a feature.  I request that we have a clear menu of choices when one finishes a puzzle:  Stay, Go Back, Go to Next Puzzle.  
Now, we have these 3 choices handled in 3 quite different ways:  the Stay is the X in the new mission accomplished frame on the right.  the go back is the browser back button, and the next puzzle is clearly shown as a menu choice/link in the middle of the mission accomplished frame.