The "Synthesized RNA's list has become unmanageable

The "Synthesized RNA’s list has become unmanageable, especially with the MS2 target adding thousands of results.
I don’t remember which name I gave to what molecule proposal over the past years, and sorting by score is a great way to toally mess up any resemblance of scientific order (in my mind)

Could we add:
a column each with:

  1. date of proposal,
  2. Date of manufacutre in the lab
  3. Actual lab this was a part of (including link to the archived lab entry)
    and maybe
  4. Number of proposals made in this lab
  5. Number of unique players proposing molecules in this lab exercise
  6. Number of proposals produced in the particular lab
    7)) Number of unique players whose proposals were produced
    … folks, feel free to propose some more.

and secondly:
Add a search function that enables us to change from the „Score“ – I don’t care about my score, I want to be able to sort by date, or score, or lab, or even how many people participated…