Thermocycler Level 5 Level Tip Won't Disappear, Can't Click Nucleotide Bases
Puzzle is stuck. After tip appears, it won’t let user click on other bases.

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Hi Torique! This is very much intended - you need to follow the instructions (in this case, asking you to control/command-click to highlight a base) in order to continue working on the puzzle!

Let me know if that doesn’t resolve your issue

Hi! My issue is that even after following the instructions, I can’t click the bases and the tip menu still does not go away.

Just to be clear, you do control+click the base, a black ring goes around it, but the original textbox is still there?

If you see this, you still need to click the next button:

Assuming that there is still an issue, could you let me know what browser version you’re using? Thanks.

Hi there! It’s fixed now. Yeah, the second screen with the ‘Next’ Button wasn’t showing up even when I was doing ctrl+click, and now it is. Thanks

Had the same problem, then realized you must control+click the Highlighted base then the NEXT button appears. Thanks!