Track if lab designs pass the engines, and which, and how

As the title says:
I cannot remember which of the 12000 designs submitted each month passed which of the design filter predictions in the engines.
So, here my proposal, add several columns with simple integers (0 - pass, 1 - fail) that report on:

  1. Did it contain the MS consensus segment?
  2. Was it present in (1, 2, 3, 4)?
  3. Did it pass 1, 1NO, 2, 2NO, 3, 3NO, 4, 4NO, etc
    and dot heat for all engines, so for now:
    and whichever others follow int he future.

Thsi will tell us how good the engines are, and why certain submissions that were predicted to fail turned out to have quite high scores.


Re-suggesting this feature for the MS2 labs.

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I would really like to see this too. Also the energy predictions for each engine.

Re-suggesting it for the newer puzzles