translate text or files to RNA

I’ve created a translator, which translates data from files, or text into RNA sequences.
If you want to download it, here is the link: RNAtranslator.jar

that sounds cool – is the sequence supposed to fold up into the text?

if you have a second, could you show an example of an infile and the output RNA sequence (or structure) in the forum ( i can’t get java running for a silly reason).

The translator reads the bits and composes the sequence bitwise. e.g.

input(bits): 101001010010110001100101
output(bases): GGUUAGCAUGUU
(I couldn’t use text as input in this exapmple because i haven’t got an ASCII table at hand)

Because it uses this method of translation and data is stored bytewise, one byte/character has a unique signature of 4 bases. If you want to create a puzzlebuilder script for eteRNA feel free to use this method.

P.s: I’ve already created and submitted 2 puzzles formed by this translator.

Oh, I see. I guessed it may be something like that. It made a solvable puzzle. I like solvable puzzles. Please do some more. Thanks. ;):slight_smile: