translate the project into other languages

Project will be translated into other languages? I have bad English. Can I expect a translation into Russian? Really liked the idea


Yes, I think we’ll eventually want to translate the project for a larger audience - unfortunately, it won’t be soon as we are trying to stabilize the game by fixing bugs and adding essential features.

Of course I understand fixing bugs and such are your priority but maybe some users could take charge of translating the game into other languages for the staff? Would it be possible?

Hi Melimelodie344 -

yes if players can take charge in translating the game, it would become much easier for us to support multiple languages : ] If you know someone who’s willing to take charge, please let us know!

Well, I think I could translate some parts of the site in my language (French). I’m thinking about making a blog where volunteers for French translation could coordinate their work. But first I need to know who else is willing to help so please other volunteers to make themselves known.