Transpose Tool

Hi All,

I was thinking that one operation I find myself doing quite frequently both when developing a new design, and when modifying someone else’s design, is what I would call a “Transpose” operation, where I take two pairs side by side and reverse their order; not like a flip, though - instead, it is a changing places of two side-by-side pairs; Like changing…

G A … A G
C U to… U C

The tool would operate with a click in the center of the quad to be transposed, and would have no effect anywhere else.

Would it be possible to create a “Transpose” tool to do this?

It would be a great convenience, transforming a 4-click operation with the necessity to remember the bases in your head, or jot them down… to a 1-click operation with no need to jot-down or memorize the bases.

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sorry about the very late reply here. I have been just going through past forum posts and realize this has not been answered.

We now have a base pair swap brush tool (operated by hotkey 5) which will allow swapping of a single base pair (A-G to G-A). To do the transpose operation, you can simply paint the swap over the two bases in the quad.

The center of each quad is now being used to display free energies in advanced energy view mode.

Thanks for the suggestion.

EteRNA team

jee, transpose was not meant to swap 3’ to 5 and 5’ to 3’’, but rather to reverse the order of neighboring side-by-side pairs (easy to miss this distinction if you read the question quickly). In other words, reverse an AU - CG quad to a CG-AU quad… it is a sideways 3’-3’ and 5’-5’ reverse. Best Regards, -d9