Tutorial Creator Feedback

Love that we have the tutorial creator now. Here’s some things I (personally) think would make it even better.

  • Basic scripting features. I think it would make it easier to use if you could include comments, use arrays, loops, and functions to deal with repetitive tasks (ie showing/hiding groups of UI elements), conditionals (if statements) for conditions that don’t necessarily need to occur, etc.
  • Hiding UI elements should do just that-hide them. I would love to hide all the elements used for puzzle solving in an extended period where they aren’t used, but currently I see swap, toggle, and undo/redo just grayed out. Even better, I would like to hide the energy display, and maybe rearrange the UI elements to make it look a little nicer when things aren’t there.
  • The hint feature would be pretty helpful in some cases, would be nice if we could have that. [Might be able to be done with a second text box, but I’m fairly sure conditionals, loops, and/or variables would be needed]
  • Full instruction usage examples in the documentation would be nice
  • Other text formatting (thinking of things like italics/bolding/underlining, bullets, and justification) would be a cool addition
  • The ability to re-size the scripting window
  • The ability to call a pre-defined highlight by ID like you would with a hidden textbox (would allow for multiple uses)
  • Flag to turn on/off the auto stack highlighting
  • The nucleotide arrow feature does not seem to be working…
  • Adding an optional text box width and height argument wouldn’t hurt
  • Syntax highlighting, while rather minute in this setting, would improve readability in longer pieces of code
  • Shortcuts for nucleotides like the first or last wouldn’t hurt, as would just being able to pre-define a single one or sections with an ID for use later.
    I’ll probably come up with other stuff, will add a comment as that point comes (though have just been editing till this point, as I assume no one has read it yet).
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