Understand between engines


i’d liek to invite you guys to ask to me a suggest of edition with my part. maybe can you give some ideas to me to do some more on docs… i’m too slowly sorry when i noticed I woke up earlier it changes my brain health in 2018. I hated it.


if my language didnt help you i am deaf sorry I need to find some help to improve i don’t know so yet.
I always felt welcomed when Lroppy explains like a bit of portuguese and english coherent. It helped.


This is a great project, @Xnessax! I hope some other players join in to work on it together.

Thank you for taking the initiative.

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Thanks, and welcome for good compliment.

When I sent in chat for share comments or view. JPS likes it ,but I thought they would work with us, but we have some others docs. They couldn’t do for me but some tips and ask me to add some more details in my doc, that just worked when it was good curiosity. I still got confused with my cleared puzzles but wouldn’t be confused if they show engines fully.
I have some others challenges for own self in real life.

You’re wonderful teacher of sciences, Omei.