Upgrade to the community forums

Dear all,

We’re happy to announce that the get satisfaction forum page has been upgraded to a new, cleaner and hopefully more intuitive design. Adding suggestions and reviewing previous posts should be a lot easier now.

This update mostly consists of graphical changes and improvements, and there are no major fundamental changes with the forum. We would be grateful for any feedback and comments. 

EteRNA team



Hi Vineet!

Thx, this looks good. This it is going to save us a ton of time on using html code. :slight_smile:

It even looks as if the update fixed the problem we had with linking back to comments in early pages in long forum pages, which was by far the biggest problem in the past version. I’m going to keep an eye out for that. :slight_smile:


So thumbs up from here!

One thing I did notice, is that the profile/preferences section did not get re-skinned. Would this be possible to do as well?

Also, shouldn’t this be an announcement? :wink:

Aaaand another random thing, using the redirect on the site doesn’t always work, and it sits on the redirect page, not redirecting me.


Unfortunately it looks like we cannot customize the look and feel of the profile/preferences page. I’ll look for some workarounds but I’m not sure how likely it is that I’ll find one. 

Heh, I guess it should be an announcement - oops :/. At least it is a news post on the main eterna site :) 


And perhaps we should actually start using categories? I would be game for sorting everything :stuck_out_tongue: But really, one of my biggest issues with this forum system is that, for example, ideas for new game features are lumped in with tutorials and strategy market posts.

And Jon should be a dev, not a rep, as with other people on the staff page.

Talked to Vineet in chat, and came up with the following as well (sorry, I’m being that guy):

There are two crucial features that are not (to my knowledge) being used, which prevent these forums from being effective as an issue tracker (along with categories, so we can find everything). The first is topic statuses (GetSat has a list of possibilities so you know what I’m talking about), and second is assigning a dev to specific posts (which could potentially be useful otherwise, and important if there is no separate issue tracker for devs).

I would like to see the forums go onto the Eterna domain (ie community.eternagame.org), which I looked up and found that GetSatisfaction does support.