Using Multiple Queries To Better Specify Searches within Eterna

  Sometimes when using the search fields provided within Eterna, such as the Search Field given at the top of the Player Puzzles page, there is a need to search for content which requires more than one entry in the search field. That is, in the case of the classic Venn Diagram where there is set A, Set B and the shared set AB, how can I search for AB? How would I exclude those objects that only belong to Set A or Set B, but not both?  

   Consider this similar example… let’s say that there are three puzzles with the following titles: ABCD, CDEF, and EFGH. How would I search for all three puzzles at once; one solution would be using multiple queries. I could search by inputting C and E in the search field (with the appropriate operators) and this should give me all three of those puzzles. Essentially I am looking for a way to better filter content.

    If there is a way to search in the manner I have just described above, please let me know. If there currently is not a method for doing multi-query searches then here are some solutions.

First, using the same operators that some databases/search engines already use to specify first query, second query, etc allow for this search code to be used in search fields. Second, same method, but instead of using the search field, modify the search terms of the URL with the appropriate inputs (I am not sure what these would be). Third, and possibly easiest to implement, have additional search fields which could be added to allow for multiple queries. Perhaps a search field could have a “Not This” option for better filtering.

   Please share your thoughts. Thank you, cynwulf28  

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