Vienna took no time to fail a puzzle.

To quote Vienna bot
“[BOT MESSAGE] ViennaRNA failed to solve this puzzle after 5 trials (00:00:00.00).”

Can somebody clarify this?

Oh, it’s the puzzle “(RNA-R) Repetition 1”

Aaaand Vienna’s stalled again. It’s stuck at Jee’s puzzle ‘Little Star’ on page four. I think it’s because that puzzle was already solved. Maybe Vienna thinks it’s at the top of the stack now?

Hi paramodic,

although ViennaRNA runs generally in random nature, it recognizes when it meets a dead end in problem solving returns “failure.” It turns out that some structures lead ViennaRNA to the deadend very quickly, and make it announce “failure” in a matter of milliseconds which makes the display say it took 00:00:00:00.

Aha, very enlightening. What, pray tell, is the criteria for a ‘dead end’, and how does it work?