Vocabulary lesson/Glossary???
Given the steep learning curve for new players it might be helpful to introduce a vocabulary list or glossary (maybe wiki in nature? or maybe by the game designers?) to explain not only the technical language used throughout ETERNA but also the jargon used by the players. The tower of BABEL was a tough place to work - lot of communication problems!!!
Let me know if you think this is a good idea!
Also, maybe it could be offered as a type of quiz to see if people have learned basic terminology - this could be another measure of the success of this model of introducing and teaching a very complicated scientific idea (this could be a metric used to support the project to NSF)

Hi clollin!

I think you are right about us talking a bit of jargon and this being an obstacle for the new players. And that us not always having a common language for things, creates misunderstandings.

I just started a small eterna dictonary. It’s the second link Eterna dictionary on [my profile page](http://eterna.cmu.edu/htmls/player.html?profid=8627

Warning! It is far from complete. I plan to put in definitions (and more pictures), when I stumble across good ones.

This won’t do away with our communication problems. But I hope this helps a bit.

Ohh, yeah! That is exactly what i’m talking about! GREAT start. Some things that confuse me and I did not see are references to 1-1 loop 1-2 loop etc. I know you are just getting started. Very helpful!
I do think that making this a part of the tutorial could be helpful as a learning tool for players as well as be used as a assessment metric for user learning/mastery - but that would have to be taken on by ETERNA staff?

Hi again, Clollin!

Thanks for the suggestions. 1-1 loop is put in, and 1-2 will follow soon.

Hi clollin, Eli

Yes - a good idea. We have been long searching for ideas to create tutorials for loop tricks and the lab but couldn’t find a manpower to design them. We are currently very overwhelmed by work.

However, if you or any other player have ideas for designing these tutorials, we could implement and roll it out in the game very soon!
EteRNA team