Voting! Is the process broken and how do we fix it?

The title says it all. Many people have been talking about the problems with the voting system in chat. Namely, it would be very easy for people to group together and agree to vote for one design regardless of its merit, and leave the rest of those playing fair out in the cold. Do you think the system should be reformed? Share your opinions and ideas so we can nip this in the bud.

Some suggestions were:
-Ban voting for someone who is in your group. This might prevent abuse, but also might disadvantage those who like group play
-Have the players simply vote to nominate a handful of designs, and let the team running the show make the final call
-Abandon voting all together. Democracy fails to choose designs based on how good they truly are. Have a heuristic-based decision making process.
-Weighted voting. Have players vote for both the best and the worst ideas so that you can gain AND lose points toward being selected. This could water-down any inflated votes.

What do you think?

I was about to post about this, because I’m also worried that some may use the voting system to their advantage, and try to abuse of it.

At one point I was thinking of having to write a justification or description of why you chose to vote for a particular design, but that may create an annoyance in certain people and/or take the fun out of the process for others.

Do it like the Academy awards - vote for categories: Most interesting, Most varied, Most likely to fall apart (even though energy is negative), etc.

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