"[Waiting for synthesis results]", but there's already data?

Why are all the recent labs marked like this? This is particuarly an issue for me, because in doing an API query, the sublabs don’t show up in past_labs.


Can someone address this please???

It took me some time to find out where this stuff was managed. Then, John promptly pushed this morning a patch of mine that would allow admins to manipulate these trackers more easily. From my perspective, the problem is fixed and the database should be up-to-date. Can you guys check if you’re now getting the data you’re expecting? Thanks

Well, just going to the lab archive, I see the last two labs waiting for synthesis, then I see everything else with a date of 26 Sep, 2013, and not the latest labs. However, when I make a search, in this case for “switch”, the recent labs that apply to the search show up as expected. Checked the API, and still has the same issue however the status is now showing correctly on the website. The issue with calling past labs still persists, perhaps somehow it ‘filled up’ at 371 labs, and as such is didn’t update status and when it was updated it won’t show it normally in the general query?

Are you trying to use a query to pull SHAPE data from the recent lab puzzles?

I’m pulling a bunch of data (sequence, score, title, designer, etc.) for synthesized designs of switch cloud lab puzzles. It’s for Jennifer’s project.

Checking on this now. When you click on “Sort by ‘puzzle post date’”, things do look OK.

Yep, that’s correct. Odd that sorting by date should make a difference, especially being that the default should already be date. And in fact, sorting by date in the query type of past_labs does NOT reveal the missing labs.

Quick adjustment to the first post I made. I said “the sublabs don’t show up in past_labs”, however it actually does not bring up sublabs, it brings up labs/projects. This makes me wonder. What’s the difference between past_labs and past_projects? Is past_labs supposed to show sublabs, and doesn’t work right, or is it an old version (or a cached version) that shouldn’t be used?

Actually, forger this. The API is messed up in such a large number of ways it requires other posts to appropriately address them.

This issue has been fixed, the other issues are completely unrelated.

Does that mean your script will work now?

Erm, maybe? I’m still looking through a rather significant mess.

Ok. I’ll get out of you hair then. Wish you luck and thanks for your help with this. I’ll just wait for an update from you.

Moved this issue to here: https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/-api-horror-default-lab-sorting-is-really-weird?rfm=1&…

Moved question: https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/-api-horror-past-labs-vs-past-projects

One other topic not mentioned here: https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagame/topics/-api-horror-html-rendering-yikes

I reviewed the code about fetching the past projects. Someone decided at some point that the default view should be sorted in a quite tortuous way, taking into account numerous properties of the projects, which unfortunately weren’t properly updated in a very long time for many of them. When using a sort by “date”, this ‘problem’ is kinda bypassed, as it lists all projects (missing none) by their IDs (which makes the list naturally chronological)

John and I need to find some time to tackle this thing, which will require either a change of display for the default view, or manually filling up the holes in the data for the past two years.

I updated the projects to properly display the Results Posted status for all projects that have synthesis results. Let me know if you see any issues.

Still says “waiting for synth results” for me