What is the format and functions regarding external RNAs in scripts?

I wanted to use scripts in the OpenTB lab, but I didn’t find any manual regarding multiple RNAs. Do eterna scripts support that? Let’s say I want to know the energy of my RNA combined with Reporter (25 nM)… Is there a way? ( something like Lib.energyOfStruct(sequence, structure); )


Sadly, eternascript only works with vienna, which doesn’t support oligos. There are ways to use NuPack directly in code (i.e from code from their website or something), but I don’t know how.
@lfp6 @ElNando Do you know of any? or did I butcher a fact or something?

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You can use scripting in the OpenTB lab by writing a Booster script that runs in the lab tool. You can set the sequence and and have the lab tool evaluate it, then check the constraints. There are hooks to check how it folds, but I haven’t worked with them so I cannot give any advice.

See: http://www.eternagame.org/web/resources/documentation/script/ScriptAPIs/Boosters/

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Also, as a note, if you don’t want to use a booster, you can embed the applet and access the API on it like I have here: http://www.eternagame.org/web/script/7005225/