What is your motivation?

Greetings EteRNA gamers!

We are three students from the institute of informatics at the University of Oslo (Norway) who are conducting a small study about scientific games. We are particularly interested to explore the motivating factor for playing these games. If you are a EteRNA gamer, could you please help us by completing this short survey? It takes appx 2 mins. We hope you will participate - many many thanks!


GKJohans: We (the EteRNA development team) would love to hear what you find!

Thank you for your interest Adrien! We will gladly send you the results and the report when its ready. Do you know any other channel the survey could be distributed through? We got 4 informative and interesting responses yesterday, but we would still love to reach out to more of the gamers :slight_smile:

Hey gkjohans, how can I get in contact with you? I am studying at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and I am doing my thesis about educational games and it would be very interesting for me to see your results!!!

Hi Gkjohans!

I will like to help answer your survey, but I can’t open the link. Hope it is only me with this problem.

well, I guess the survey is already over. He posted it nine months ago!

Hehe, thx. I overlooked the original date, I just saw the fresh date on the latest comment.