Where is the update log

Where is the update log?
is it in

or what? I wanna know. thanks!

Currently we only keep patch notes for EternaJS (the game itself) - you can check those out at https://github.com/eternagame/EternaJS/releases

It could be useful to post patch notes (along with version number) in the forum itself somewhere.

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I agree!
thanks brourd

@Brourd and @ch1ck3n - why would you want to have them in the forum? I would like to keep the patch notes themselves on GitHub so that they can be in one place if they ever need to be updated (it has happened). If you’re just looking for an easier way to get updates, would a topic that only admins can post in where we link to the patch notes (maybe with a short overview) for every new release be sufficient?

I guess my thought process was that having a post in the forum with patch notes provides a succinct place for players to post comments, bug reports about an update, etc. As an example, we don’t have a topic on the forum for the newest patch, so if players had general comments about that, they would either need to start a new topic or post the comment in the game. Unless there is eventually a goal to tie the EternaForum and news posts together [WHICH I THINK is a good idea], it would make more sense to have a new subcategory/tag under feedback that is dev only.

Especially for bug reports and feature requests, I would prefer for new topics to be created anyways, so that we can independently track their status and make sure nothing gets lost! I also don’t particularly see an issue with extending that logic to general comments

I don’t disagree with that. But the forum should at least have a duplicate post of news items in Eterna.