Why do the mutations in the bar code count against the total mutations allowed?

Hi William!

This is a bug. Brourd found a workaround the other day:

Brourd: http://eterna.cmu.edu/game/browse/360…
Certes: so what do we do when we get a solution - submit?
Brourd: Click on a design, reset, and design from there.
Brourd: The mutations for the barcode should not be counted.
Certes: I agree
Eli Fisker: I got it reported now
Certes: thanks
Eli Fisker: np
Brourd: No, I mean, if you do it my way, the barcode mutations are not counted.
Certes: thanks Brourd I’ll try again that way
Brourd: It is a roundabout method, but it works.
Certes: easy when you know how!
Brourd: That is the nature of all things :slight_smile:
Brourd: Just need to remember for projects where there is a mutation constraint, to click on vote, and go from there http://prntscr.com/2odatj instead of design.

I do not understand the workaround. I also wondered about this, but submitted 2 designs anyway. Can you explain the workaround more? thanks!

Thanks Eli!

Hi 4terie!

Try do like this:

  1. Pick any one submitted design from this lab list:


  1. Try mutate barcode and notice that this do not count up in the mutation rate.

  2. Now make the whole design as you intended it. And choose submit with the voting symbol at top middle screen.

Hope this helps. Else ask again.

Np :slight_smile: