Why does G=Red in eteRNA?

I haven’t been able to find a scientifc community decision to visually represent the nucleotides in any particular colours, (which doesn’t mean there isn’t one) however where colour is used on (English language) charts G is invariably Green.
As a native English speaker I’m now hardwired to the sequence ROYGBIV and can readily visualise colours based on those letters.
In eteRNAland in any discussion or strategic tip showing pair combos ie GC, GU; I automatically visualise G as green and have to remember to substitute, usually easier (not) to just use colour pencils to make notes. Going the other way I have to remember that a green dot means C not G.

Was this a deliberate decision by the science and/or the design team?

As red and green are also strongly associated with safety signals I’m not planning to rewire, and other games in the future may decide on different colours.
The other colours are fine as the letters do not carry strong colour associations.