why RNA folds Functional structured RNA FSRs Can't wait for a 3D ETERNA

I found a good website that explains why RNA folds. The differences between tRNAs and (non coding RNAs, Functional structured RNA FSRs, interference RNA) are. It also talks about recent studies of these ncRNAs indicate that RNA is more than a messenger between genome(DNA) and protein. That they are involved in various regulatory mechanisms of gene expression and also functional structured RNAs (FSRs) can perform the regulatory activity along with act like proteins structures. Its in plain English a very good read. It helped me to understand why modeling RNA folding was important to a greater understanding of biology.
Introduction of RNA Folding
Can’t wait for a 3D ETERNA

FYI a set of 4 lectures on RNA function by Tom Cech, good stuff!



A movie of very first 3D EteRNA we had back at 2009. We will eventually expand back to 3D in future.

Looks hard