Work for money

I could have missed it, but do we get paid for this? I want to get paid for what I do. If I make something that can make people money, I should get a portion of the profits.

no money just a game

You mean play for money? o.O

Carnegie Mellon and Stanford Universities are non-profit institutions, so nobody is making money off this. In fact, player-designed molecules are blanket-covered under a Create Commons license which makes them available for broad use. In other words, play to advance science, not make money! :slight_smile:

OooOOOO… I did not know that. That I agree with. … So the general public can get access to all the research information obtained here? 'Cause that would be really nifty and swell if we could.

All the data is available in the “Lab” part of the game, and we’re currently working on a new search interface to make it even more accessible.