Would you like to teach an Eterna University class? We're looking for volunteers!

First off, for those who haven’t heard of EternaU, please take a look at the wiki article (yes, we have a wiki!): http://eternawiki.org/wiki/index.php5…

We are always looking for new faces to teach our classes. Post here to request a slot. Please mark down what you would like to teach, and then you should be put in a time slot. We usually have our classes on non dev chat nights at 6:00, however you can request another day/time if you wish. Please note Eterna related topics generally take precedence. Please look at the talk page for Eterna University here to see what classes are planned in what time slots past the next class (which is on the main page). Also on the main page is a list of past classes, which include a formatted lesson and the original chat log from the class.

If you are approved for your class, I suggest joining the Eterna University group and the Teachers & Admins group:


I’d like to offer a class:

  • Title: “Thermodynamics for Dummies, by a dummy”

  • Topic: This should be a very simplified introduction to thermodynamics in the context of RNA. So simplified that I don’t even plan on mentioning the Laws, or technical stuff like “entropy” and “enthalpy”.

  • Format: although I tend to screw up a bit too often in those sessions, I like TeamViewer for the greater possibility of interactivity, and the pleasure of inflicting my thick accent :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Level required: be able to use a spreadsheet and use very very basic arithmetics (not even divisions)

  • Preferable: to be genuinely interested in making progress with designing switches in the upcoming labs

  • Date/time: to be decided, but I’d like to have players like Eli (and/or others also very interested in labs) attending the class, so I may need to arrange a proper schedule for them.

Sounds good… I’ll queue you up once you have a time/date.

Nando, brilliant idea. I love it. I think this will be really helpful. I’m in. :slight_smile:

I think I could be ready for next Wednesday. As for the time, the current best option I came up with would be 11am EST (8am PST), so that Eli can be there, that I don’t need to stay at my office over night, and that it gives a chance to all North American attendees. If any of you has a better idea how to make Beijing, Copenhagen, New York and Palo Alto fit together, I’m all ears :slight_smile:

Or another option is to get the North Americans after work, so 9pm EST, 6pm PST, which makes it a 9am for me (very manageable), but with the big drawback that Eli would have to stay up between 2am and 3am… :confused:

So, it’s settled, Friday 3/28, 9pm EST
@LFP6: please update the wiki (or should I do it myself?)

Sorry, Eli, but good for us :slight_smile:

All right Nando, I’ll add it. You can do it in the future if you wish though. The nearest class goes on the front page, and others go on the talk page.

Possible topic for someone to take: https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagam…