Wrong scores on 30-day leaderboard

Starting yesterday, the 30-day leaderboard is showing what appear to be 60-day scores instead of 30-day scores.

Did a quick spot check on the code and I don’t immediately see anything off. What makes you think it’s showing 60d?

My 30-day score should currently be around 38,000 to 40,000. Yesterday it suddenly jumped to 79,900. This is consistent with what I’ve done in the last 60 days. I also noted that a number of other regular players’ scores jumped in a similar way, whereas recent starters seem unaffected. I’m guessing it’s 60-day scores, but something has definitely gone wrong.

Yep, so it is. Found the issue, and the leaderboards should be corrected at the next nightly update. Thanks for the report!

That’s fine now. Thanks for sorting it out.