Zigzag Catalog

Hi everyone.

Included in this post is a link to my zigzag catalog, kind of an exhaustive list of all those fun shapes, for all players to see the various solutions. It will be updated in the future, any suggestions or additions, please send them in the private messaging system.


In addition, if there are any other shape catalogs or suggestions for a post, please sound off in the comments below.

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This is awesome. I’m curious: did you consider posting this on the wiki?

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Hi Adrien. If I were to add it to the wiki, I would probably add in a page about specialized shapes and solutions. Funny thing though, my IP was blocked on the wiki for some reason, and the ban isn’t lifted until Dec 21. Then, when I checked the other day, it was unblocked. Kind of weird, but I may add to the wiki. Thanks Adrien :slight_smile:

This is great.  Most of my unfinished puzzles are because of these little buggers!