Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

There is a lot of clicking. Is there any way to reduce clicking? Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

Yes there are! To select the 4 bases you can press the 1,2,3,4 keys in order to select them. This definitely speeds up your time.

Also you can actually click on one base, and then start dragging to “paint” multiple bases at once.

There must be others. I saw this comment by Dimension9 in the Strategy guide: “I strongly suggest developing the habit of using the the “tagging” feature (Ctrl-Click on a base) to mark the Cytosine you are trying to eliminate” what does this do?
In addition, by clicking something (by mistake), I was able to extend the highlight box that shows which nucleotide you want to include 2 of them at once.

I have not found a location that explains how to shortcut all the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Hi Randl!

Here is a list of shortcuts. I’m not sure there is short cuts for all the tool icons.

If anyone know about shortcuts not being in this list, please share.

Thanks Eli. Now that I have hit a wall of sorts, I am browsing more to find stuff and learn to become self sufficient.