Confused about "random" pattern problem

First, I am new to this, and have virtually no biology background.

Like any puzzle game, I’m looking for patterns or predictability so I can plan my moves as I go. What I can’t understand is why if I change one colour on one end of the puzzle, it breaks the puzzle somewhere else that is not remotely connected to where I changed. I’m havign a hard time trying to figure this out when there doesn’t seem to be any logic behind the actions. Is there some kind of indicator, or is it just trial and error until I get better at guessing?

Hi Balsover!

Welcome in Eterna. Here is a guide to puzzle solving. It is made to help getting over the first guessing fase. These are things that over time generally have been working.

But keep out an eye for new patterns and new connections, as you just might find them.…

Good luck with the puzzles!