ContraFold boosts & basics

hmm. 3 more folding engines. I’ve covered one: etrenafold. I heard it’s pretty weird. I know it’s pretty weird. but no one ever talks about contrafold. I think it’s pretty much the same as eternafold, but who knows? let’s try the boosts!

The hook boost

Now, this is the contrafold hook with the GC as closing pair.

figure 1-1
-0.29 kcal. very interesting. let’s put a C on the hook.

figure 1-2

-0.51. kcal. not as much as eternafold. let’s do a G.

figure 1-3
-0.61 kcal! that’s pretty good.

let’s test with U.

figure 1-4
-0.04 kcal. very bad. we’ll call the hook boost a G.

figure 1-5

The 1-1 boost

As we all know, in eternafold, we put a U on either side of the 1-1.
but, we must know what the energy is with NO boosts.

figure 2-1
0.68 kcal is no boosts.
let’s try the G-G boost.

figure 2-2
it raised the energy! let’s try the U-U boost.

figure 2-3
it lowered the energy to 0.31 kcal! now, let’s try C-C.

(it made the loop 1.41 kcal)

The 2-2 loop

We like 2-2 loops. they are so easy to boost. just put a G and another G and two Us. bam! -4.1 kcal. but that's in Vienna. not contrafold. so let's find the contrafold boost for the 2-2. we need to know the energy of the 2-2 with no boosts.

1.44 kcal! now let’s do the GAGA boost, just like the eternafold.

-0.09 kcal! now let’s do all blue.

very high energy. not good. let’s do all red.

(it wasn’t good at all)

The triloop boost

we all know what a triloop is. it's this loop.

(the one on the right, not the left)

to boost it, put a G on the left of the closing pair, as shown on this figure

The ending

That ends, my tutorial for contrafold, more loops coming soon to this post, and more basics coming, tell me what to put on here in the comments, and please give it a heart <3 thanks!


Also, please tell me which boost you liked the most! thanks!

  • Hook
  • Triloop
  • 2-2 loop
  • 1-1 loop
  • Something else

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More research shows that the hook boost depends on the hook size and shape.