EteRNA Tetraloop Reference Table (Revision 1)

Hi All,

The first version of this Tetraloop Reference Table used values taken from some studies published online, and from the Vienna RNA Folding Package. However, after I published it here on Get-Satisfaction, Player ccccc discovered and pointed out to me that the Energy values did not match the Native EteRNA Energy values generated in the game itself.

This Revision addresses that issue; it replaces and supersedes the first version entirely. All Energy values in the table have now been replaced with the values taken directly from EteRNA:

(Please click on the table for a larger, clearer image)

(Please click on the table for a larger, clearer image)

Many thanks to ccccc for first noticing and pointing out this discrepancy, and also, many thanks to madde, for going to the trouble and effort to generate, transcribe, and record the correct values directly from EteRNA. That effort made this Revision much quicker and easier to implement.

Please Use only this newly revised version of the table.

Again, Thanks and Best Regards to All


Thanks for the great work, d9! (and ccccc and madde)

I don’t think the old table should be completely superseded though - it’ll be interesting in the lab to compare the two sets of data. After all, the big question there seems to be when and how the EteRNA energy model fails :slight_smile: