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As we all know, EternaFold is OUT!!!!!! But, everything is wrong. the boosts is wrong. I have made a puzzle that shows how to get the lowest energy possible on hooks and loops. (see this puzzle) But, some people don't want to click that link (for some strange reason) I have wrote everything down!

The hook boost

In Vienna, we couldn't boost the hook. but in eternafold, we now can.

Just put a C on the hook, as shown on the picture. If you can’t see the image, click here

the 1-1 loop boost

Instead of the G-G on the 1-1 loop, put a U-U on it.
if you can’t see the picture for some strange reason, click here

The 2-2 loop boost

In Vienna, we had something called a GUGU super boost. hm. sounds promising. let's try it!

hmm. the energy is too high. let’s see what it looks like in natural mode.

What!! the GU pairs bond together. this is not right!
Maybe we can do something similar to the 1-1 loop. let’s make the 2-2 loop all blue!

hmm. the energy is still quite high. let’s do the normal boost and see if it’s energy is lower.

The energy dropped from 1 to 0.1 ! So the boost for the 2-2 loop is finished.

The triloop boost

When LFC came out and everyone figured out we can boost the triloop, we all went crazy. but in EternaFold, we can also boost the triloop!

this is the triloop, not boosted. the energy is 4.91 kcal.

Now, let’s boost it!

the energy dropped from 4.91 to 3.68! It worked!!


that ends my tutorial for boosting loops in EFOLD. if I missed any loops comment please
please heart and comment and share

good bye!

puzzle used for forum post


I have contacted the dev for EternaFold so hopefully I will get more accurate details

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Nice work! Please continue to share any boosting tips you find for LinearFoldC, LinearFoldE, LinearFoldV, and ContraFold.


wqell lfe is literally the same as efold and all boosts mentioned here will work for lfe
contrafold and lfc have one similar boost with this and lfe the -1 and 2-2 the us will bost in theses foyur engine
but htere is a hidden boost also you will need it here

the secret boost is

u bost with c’s facing it in single and double bulge so in other words c’s on inside of bulge while u on unpaired bases in bulge
like so image