First version of NUPACK 4.0 jupyterlabs script with MFE and ensemble info

Hi Eterna,

I hope you all enjoy this. This is a jupyterlabs script in python that you can enter the sequence for a single state RNA as well as enter the temp you want to use. You have a choice of energy parameters from rna95 to rna06 and then can also select the kcal deltas you want to look at to allow you to look at the ensemble. It does not display pprobabilities yet but it does grab them. I need to code up how to display that and I think arcplot is a good path but that is a undertaking… I can add multi state easily later as well but wanted to get this out there. Here are links to the zip files of teh script, pythong file, and text version as well as the nupack4.0 install code form the nupack team. You can download that yourself from

Here is the script:

Here is the nupack code if you want it:

Jennifer Pearl