FlickRNA update

The main idea is Improvement of next/previous interface - by just loading sequence, but not the whole page. That should help on the loading speed of the interface.

I had a quick play with the screencast software for a test. I did a test video of me using the puzzles maker with a Lab target and 10 design/sequences that were submitted. It show me forward through the designs and then back using the Redo/Undo. Here is a video demonstration.

Viewing submitted Lab designs

mat747: I wonder if dev could just keep the page loaded and just have the lab design change [5:34 PM]
mat747: something like you can do in the puzzle maker now [5:34 PM]
machinelves: oh hmm interesting so not the little popup window with the
javascript thumbnail, but the actual flash browser design [5:35 PM]
machinelves: and just update the sequence? [5:35 PM]
machinelves: like a next / prev button in the flash browser that loads new sequences directly in the flash browser without reloading the page itself [5:36 PM]
machinelves: that is a really interesting idea [5:36 PM]
mat747: yes just update via the sequence [5:36 PM]
machinelves: hmm that would solve a few problems with the flow of reviewing increasing #s of labs [5:37 PM]