Freywa is posting solutions to players puzzle can you remove his post?

Freywa is posting solutions to players puzzle can you remove his post?

Hi Joshua

If I’m right, Freywa is only publishing solutions to his/her own hard player puzzles for those who get frustrated from solving it. Since hard player puzzles are sometimes almost impossible to solve, we would like to leave opportunity for authors to publish the solution.

Of course, we will restrict players from publishing solutions to tutorials, challenges or other players’ puzzles.

Thanks for your feedback!


Well actually I post the solutions because other players may find it so hard that they try and go on chat, only to find that no top players are there. The sequences are there as a last resort.

Freywa - if people don’t like it when you post solutions to your puzzles, maybe you could tell people in the puzzle description that they could PM you for a hint or solution?

Is a puzzle your taking the fun out of publishing them. i want to solve the puzzles not have you tell me the solution. mr Lee please remove Freywa post on my puzzles.

Forgive me but you have to be a genius to see the solution from a series of letters. If you’re unable to resist the temptation to try his solution then that really has nothing to do with Freywa. I for one have no problem with anyone posting solutions to any of my puzzles that they can solve. It also saves me the time to have to bug them for it if i want to see it. I’m here out of curiousity. Please don’t hold the information back, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

no you can copy and paste the sequince so you can see the solution. I takes me hours to create a hard puzzle.and i always made ezer puzzles that will help solve the final one, some time a discussion don’t need a 3rd party

Being able to do something does not mean you have to do it. If you don’t want to see his solution don’t copy and paste it. Why does it hurt you that others can take a shortcut if they want to? Because you can’t stop yourself from doing so? There’s nothing wrong with Freywa. I still think you’re wrong.

Oh by the way you got me so upset that i remembered something i wanted to do ever since Freywa posted a solution to one of my puzzles. Thank you! :slight_smile:

PS: it was looking up Freywa’s least solved puzzle and posting a nice looking solution of it. This is what i planned on doing instead of coming here about it, i’m just always too late in doing things. It’s been rectified now :stuck_out_tongue:

I think some of you have misunderstood Joshua. I know what he is talking about because I have felt that way too. It took me forever to make the puzzle Campfire, just to see the solution posted and anyone can just look at it and solve the puzzle. I like to see how many people can solve my puzzles, not how many can copy a solution in. Now I will never know how many people really solved it.

Freywa, I know you mean well. But it is probably better not to post solutions to other people’s puzzles without their permission.

I don’t think i misunderstood and i do apologize for being offensive. I just find it frustrating when other people share their frustration openly and expect people to share their opinion based on empathy. I just happen to feel differently, when i create a puzzle the number of people that solved it interests me much less than the number of solutions other than mine. Given the option i’d prefer to be able to view everyone’s solution to every puzzle should i choose to (independent of whether those people want me to see it or not). I also think that Josh isn’t the first one who’s solution Freywa posted yet not one of us/you has stepped up before, but now we should? I just get mad when people ignore something someone’s doing and then blame him for doing it when someone else makes a fuss out of it. Sorry again.
It’s just a frustrating situation, i’d have just PM’d him if it really bugged me that much, and i think he’d have gone out of his way to get his post removed himself.

Drake, maybe you think this shouldn’t be discussed because of the tactless way Joshua brought it up. But it needs to be discussed because it’s not the first time it’s come up. And once a solution is posted it can’t be removed. Check out this comment page:

Boganis says it a lot better than I can.

hmm, I’m having a problem getting the link up. Just search for a puzzle called Wilhelm Tell’s other son and read the comments.

I found it, thanks, it is foreknowledge i did not possess, although it does not change my opinion, and were i here at the time i would have reacted the same way. The difference is that boganis took a “straight” route so the expression of my feelings would have been different.

Boganis did phrase it quite good though, “the real reward for me, is to have solved a puzzle that few others have the solution to”. That does not stand true for me, i want to have all the solutions instead and want everyone to get the same too. The same pride that makes me want to keep my solution to myself also makes me not look at any hint or solution unless i think finding the solution myself would take unreasonably long.

I have no problem with discussing it as long as it’s not being dismissed as the minority report. I also want to make sure this is about the practice and not about the person. Lets say i took a picture of all my solutions and put them up on gamefaqs or some other similar game walkthrough site. Where would you complain about that? Doing it here would just bring more attention to it and have the opposite effect than intended. You probably wouldn’t complain, or maybe to your friends in chat but that’s it.

mat747 in that same post said what i probably would have. People don’t like knowledge being shared, its perfectly natural, sharing information in this society is evolutionary disadvantageous to the individual… This is what copyright is all about, more stupid a thing man has never devised.

Anyway, the topic of this discussion should then be: “Could solutions to player puzzles be available to everyone?”. Obviously the method of posting it right under the puzzles is not the right one, the copyright owners find it intrusive. Is it even worth considering making all this knowledge publicly available? Probably not, it’s just solutions to puzzles, and the emotional loss of the people involved far outweighs the gain of the few that would want to use this information for the betterment of themselves. It is not meant for that, it is meant to cheat. Obviously.

Sorry for the rant, i think i see your point of view. I also think mine will not ever be seen by humans. I’ll stick around anyway, so in the meantime, is there really no way to remove posts? This has to be answered by someone next to the machine running the game. I bet this has happened before to challenges and got removed. If there is a way to do it what then? Find all such comments and remove them? Or just remove the ones posted from now on? Or provide a means to report them so someone can manually do it? The best is probably the last, but there might be other options i didn’t think of. Also, who decides what should be removed? The puzzle creator? Or only solution sequences can get removed? Do they always have to be?

This is always the problem with the public: we’re all different, if we want to live together we have to make sets of rules otherwise we think we’re less than the others. Or do we?

I’m sorry if my post was not worded well, and I’m sorry to Freywa if he feels picked on. I certainly didn’t mean to pick on anybody. It was really more about the idea.

As for mat’s comment about sharing knowledge, I don’t think this is the kind of knowledge that does anyone good if you share it directly. The reason is, these are puzzles, in other words, it’s a matter of learning a set of logical rules and applying them. It is different from something like a scientific paper, which I think should be open and shared. To me, the puzzles are more about the logic behind it, not the end solution. If you get the solution, it should be an indication that you got the logic. Posting the solution undermines that. I don’t personally see it as having anything to do with copyrighting. It’s more like, the puzzle is similar to a math problem. The logic is more important than the answer itself.

I realize this all might just be my own personal take on what I get out of the puzzles, but I thought I should share it. It wouldn’t make any sense to me to make all the solutions publicly available. Although, as you point out, there’s nothing i could do about it if someone wanted to. I am curious to know what you would get out of knowing all the solutions, since I don’t really understand what you are saying about that.

It is true there is no way to remove posts yourself (neither the puzzle maker nor the comment poster can do it). I don’t know what would happen if someone asked for it to be removed (or, what WILL happen, since it’s been done). I wasn’t going to go that far, just hoping that people wouldn’t post solutions on my puzzles in the future.

I’d feel picked on that’s one of the things i tried to express yes, sorry it came out the way it did :stuck_out_tongue:

But not just that. For me having access to the solution does quite often help to understand the logic of a problem. If i’m really looking for that. I’m trying real hard to think of a situation where it would be detrimental, but all i can think of is kids in school trying to get out of learning stuff. Forgive me if i can’t relate to that quite well, i learn stuff out of my own motivation simply because i want to understand better who i am and what this “reality” is all about.

I would never even think of looking at a solution much less waste precious minutes of my finite time on earth to copy+paste it into the puzzle maker and then one by one copy it from another window. All just to get 100 points and fool myself. But i know you wouldn’t do it either. Although… I log out when Brourd is giving hints. Let’s leave this topic at that, allright? :stuck_out_tongue:

Science is based on observation of results exactly the same way. You see what folds into the target shape, you understand why it does, and not the other way around. Half the time you understand something it either happens by accident or because you piece together information seen elsewhere. The other half is methodical trying. Right now we’re trying to solve how RNA folds based on checking the results of existing sequences. How can you not understand that seeing the puzzle results can similarly teach you how they work?

The only obvious con would of course be that whoever is trying to learn will only learn how the computer model works and not the real thing, and even that only if assuming the two are really that different.

But of course this is just a game, challenging others is important, i agree, and that is where posting sequences is detrimental. It hurts the competitive game. It wouldn’t hurt a cooperative one. That’s my opinion, and if this topic did not come up i would probably have started inquiring about this eventually. So i apologize yet again, this time for taking over the topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow a lot of words please don’r post the solutions for puzzle. you need puzzle maker.

Here’s few words then: please post your solutions to my puzzles. That’s why i make them. Or send them to me if you don’t want to post. Thank you. But i tried writing that in the description of some. Oh wait, only Brourd ever solved those…

…and even he did not read the description, or did not bother sending it until i bugged him about it.

Anyway, here’s how i would do it:
Award each player puzzle 100 base points (current).
Make all solutions viewable by forfeiting points for that puzzle (logged in)
Award current puzzle value to the puzzle maker for every person forfeiting to look.
Increase puzzle value by 100 points for every person forfeiting to look.
Puzzle maker can look at all solutions, so can anyone else after they have forfeited or solved the puzzle.

Although this isn’t perfect either, at least it would also represent me, not just YOU YOU and YOU.

But to give you a working example too, most of my puzzles so far are pumped-up versions of challenges. I posted them because i found a solution to a part of them that i thought was unique and would not work any other way, and i wanted to test this by posting it as a puzzle. If someone can solve it differently then my knowledge is lacking and i need to process the mechanics behind the alternate solution.
And i don’t care one bit about the worthless fools that copy and paste a solution because they can’t find their satisfaction elsewhere in life. I also have my doubts about people that care more about them than me.