Got a little help from my friends.

The EteRNA help WiKi was so much information that I did not find it useful initially.

After solving many challenges and then running up against a mental block on level 3 or 4 challenges,
I searched players Bio’s randomly for insight.

I came across Jennifer Pearl’s profile page.
She had a well documented set of documents that listed her understanding of how RNA folds and the use of dot plots.

Her “Challenge solution guide” kept me in the game.
I had almost given up, unable to grasp what was keeping me from solving more difficult challenges.

Her guide confirmed things I had done, but didn’t know I had done them, to solve challenges.
In short, it made me see what I didn’t know about solving challenges and let me concentrate on those areas.

When I was trying to get past the sliding switches to the two completely different shape switches,
I hit a block again. I was chasing energies, trying to eliminate the red in the molecules.

I came across John Nicol’s switch challenges “Fun with John”.
Those puzzles showed me what I was not looking for.
I don’t know why a base in a loop completely changes the energy state of a molecule, but wow, it sure can.
So, now I’m advancing on switches, but there are only 14 left. Fortunately there are lots of player switches left.

I’ve never really understood the Lab’s. I have voted, but don’t think I have a valid reason to pick one over another.
I have created a few basic puzzles to show my understanding of energy strengths and distributions.
It looks like there is a cloud lab, but I don’t know if that is the only lab.
Archive labs must be lab data you can look at to learn from, bu sometimes I end up in a challenge to solve a challenge. Why?

I have read that the current labs are into harder switch tasks.
Comments have been made that players are not making good solutions and they need to be more aware of best practices.
60,30,10 seem to be the better percentages for GC,AU,GU paring, but what about out of the normal data.
I would be interested in why an unpredictable pairing may create consistent results.

I would like to help out in the lab (labs?), but need guidance. Help, anyone?

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Eli has some great resources on his profile page,

Scroll down to the lab section.

Also, a lot of the labs have links to resources in the comments section.

Many thanks,
I’m slowly going through Eli’s list of Lab stuff.
Took a look at cloud lab and see that MS2/FMN is the current focus.
I’m going over the MS2 player puzzles to get familiar.
I’ve still got a lot to learn.
Also looking at “Switch Scores for EteRNA Switch Puzzles” here in the forum.
Thanks again for the “Fun with John” challenges. They are quite an eye opener.