Here is an example of my messing with a lab solution.

just cut and paste the sequence or do the steps to see the change.

Alternate structure space for human tRNAs-shape0…

begin melt temp rise 67*, 87*final; -27.2kcal

flipped the C40G52 pair and got great dotplot improvement.

then flipped G36C56 for more dot plot improvement and lower energy.

removed G30 and flipped G10U27 for dot and melt plot improvement.

flipped C11G26 for energy, melt and dot plot improvement.

flipped 3G70C for dot plot improvement and small energy gain.
this configuration clean dot plot, good melt plot bend at 77*C,final 87*C; energy -29.3 kcal.

More mods all in rings: final submit -33.4kcal, very clean plots

Hope this is helpful to beginners.

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